Down Time

Down Time

Some days are busier than others. This is true for Uriel's Bake Shop, as well as my full-time job as a SAHD (stay-at-home dad). 

My 3 year-old. She says that she's a dragon here. The box also has served as an ice cream truck.

Without this hilarity, I'm not sure how I would survive in this role. Baking accomplishes this too and allows me to experiment with a variety of flavors and doughs. This week, I played with sourdough danish pastry. My previous laminated doughs didn't incorporate any sourdough starter but I was intrigued and decided to try it out.

This is how the dough looked before layering with butter but after quite a bit of fermenting time. Notice the bubbles all over!

The laminated sourdough danish pastry before being rolled, shaped, and filled. SO many layers. SO much butter. SO much deliciousness!

I thought that the sourdough croissants turned out well, so these may turn up on my menu soon. I played around with a smores filling, although my favorites are still marzipan, Nutella, and praline. Let me know if you have other suggestions for filling my pastries. I'm always up for trying new flavors.


I love to bake pita! It is fairly simple and fresh out of the oven with some hummus, Israeli salad, pickles, falafel, and fries is so scrumptious! During my last trip to New York City, my wife and I ate quite a bit of Middle Eastern fare. After scoping out Chelsea Market, we finally found Dizengoff, where I sat mesmerized (and jealous) watching the pita being rolled out and baked. If only I had that large, commercial oven in my house! I can dream.

Holy mouth! This little man lost teeth on 3 consecutive days. Poor tooth fairy!

I frequently get requests from my children for their favorite baked goods. It's not that they don't get to taste my goodies every week, especially when I'm trying out something new. As kids do, I get to hear their unbiased opinions about my old and new bakes. This week, I had some extra dough so I made a babka with the requested filling.


This coming week, my oldest returns home from camp after 3 weeks away. I'm only offering baked goods on Monday and Friday so he and I can have extra catch-up time. I'm sure I'll get an earful, not that I'm complaining. We do miss the big guy!