Birthday Week Bakes!

Birthday Week Bakes!

One of my favorite things to do is try out new recipes. My growing collection of cookbooks keeps me busy, plus I frequently check out new ones from the library before making a purchase. I decided to find a new recipe to play with in honor of my upcoming birthday, and if it turned out well, I would add it to my menu. My children certainly didn't mind being guinea pigs for this project!

The fingers (bun)

I was really drawn to an iced fingers recipe I observed being baked during a technical challenge on "The Great British Baking Show." These apparently can be found in many British bakeries. I will have to research that some day and will happily report back. In case you're wondering, aside from my great-grandmother being born in Wales on her family's journey to the US, I don't have British roots. I just get excited to try new things that aren't "American" recipes. I also really enjoy learning their vocabulary, such as aubergine (eggplant), courgette (zucchini), and plait (braid).

Even though the above bun looks like it's ready for a hot dog, that is not where this is going. The dough is enriched with sugar, milk, flour, and eggs. Very different from a hot dog bun. Once baked and cooled, the top is bathed in icing.

The icing

Happy fingers

Once the icing was set, I sliced open the buns and added whipped cream and raspberry jam. It's a pretty easy recipe but takes time between each step. When it came time to taste these, I was pretty blown away. My initial concern was that it would be way too sweet. There's sugar in the bun, the icing, the cream, and the jam. Despite that, it works because the bun itself isn't overly sweet and neither is the cream. I really try to tame my whipped cream so it isn't cloyingly sweet. I was being really good by cutting the iced finger in half but once I got through the first half, the other piece was calling my name. I couldn't resist. 

The final, delicious product!

If you're so inclined, feel free to order some for this Monday. They're $2.50 a pop and I don't think you'll regret it! You can always balance out your snack with some savory sourdough bread that is also available on Monday. That's probably what I will do.

For my next blog post, I plan to share my experience with a new ingredient for me, amaranth flour. It's gluten free, although I added it to glutenful flour, and it has a very earthy, grassy smell. I'm skeptical but curious enough to give it a whirl!