4/15/18 - Pink Croissants

As happens in most families, my three kids have very different eating preferences. For example, vegetables have historically been balked at by all three. They each have their favorites, which of course don't overlap with one another. One likes cucumbers, one likes asparagus, and one has recently discovered that he likes peppers (preferably green or red). When it comes to my baking, my guinea pigs generally are willing to have a taste. Maybe not the three year-old every time, but she's three so that's forgivable.


With baking, measurements are crucial to a successful recipe, which is one reason why I became enamored with The Great British Bake Off. They demonstrated how they weigh most of their ingredients with a scale for precise baking. I decided that this must be the reason why some of my previous baked goods didn't turn out. I always used to fill my measuring cups without a thought how accurately I was measuring the ingredients. Now my kitchen scale is out more often than not.


I started making danish pastry dough after seeing the amazing pastries on The Great British Bake Off and wanting to make and eat them myself. While the dough is pretty easy to work with, it does take some time and patience (and a fair amount of butter). 

This is the pastry that will be featured this Friday, in case you're interested. It's filled with my favorite Thanksgiving pie filling, chocolate chunks and pecans. My taste testers can vouch for this one!

While this pastry dough has generally turned out well, I was brainstorming ways to kick it up a notch (any Emeril Lagasse fans out there? BAM!). I replaced the liquid with pomegranate juice and added a little pink food gel to bring out the color. I went with my go-to fillings, chocolate and marzipan. Yes, in the picture below, the fillings to the right are marzipan. Homemade marzipan. Nothing else!



I really like the look of these croissants. The color of the dough is nice, the browning from baking is just as I would hope, but the lamination/layering inside wasn't quite right and they turned out a bit dense. I think that while the idea of pomegranate juice in pastry is good, I'll have to reserve it for the fillings rather than the dough. Milk or water is the way to go to achieve the light, beautiful flakiness and layering of dough with butter.

While I will not be offering pomegranate croissants to my customers, I have other yummy goodies to share this week, so please email me at urielsbakeshop@gmail.com to order. Have a great week!