Uriel’s Bake Shop Menu (3/30-4/3)

Monday, March 30

SOURDOUGH LOAF          SOLD OUT                          

-plain, garlic/rosemary, rye

-order by Saturday evening

DANISH (min. 2)                                                  $2.50

-lemon curd, guava curd, praline,

marzipan, Nutella

-order by noon on Sunday 

Wednesday, April 1

JERUSALEM BAGEL (min. 2)                             $3.00

-covered with sesame seeds

MONKEY BREAD                                                    $12.00

-order by Tuesday evening 

Friday, April 3

SOURDOUGH LOAF           $7.00

-plain, garlic/rosemary, rye

-order by Wednesday evening

CHALLAH                                                          $7.00

-plain, cinnamon raisin, cardamom

-pull-apart, braided, or rolls

-order by Thursday evening


For special orders, please email urielsbakeshop@gmail.com.

Email your orders to urielsbakeshop@gmail.com

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